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Tasting Tours of Main Street Middletown

Connecticut's Dining Destination

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P.O Box 844

Portland CT, 06480

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"Hey, Colbert Nation!
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THIS woman!"



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JUST A TASTE LLC offers tasting tours of Main Street restaurants in Middletown, CT. Called one of the most romantic Main Streets in the country by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Middletown's Main Street offers kaleidoscopic dining choices.     

We will introduce you to all the restaurants have to offer, throw in a little history and a lot of Connecticut pride. 
Laura Ekblade and Mary Flood grew up and work in and around Middletown and want to share with you their love of food and culture.  


Our tours are ever changing as is the face of Middletown's dining scene.  There is (or soon will be) a tour for EVERYONE!